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Heka gives you access to healthcare at your own comfort whilst reducing cost, saves time on travelling and waiting in long queues at OPDs, removes stress, access to specialists and improve care outcomes as well as evidence based treatment.


Signup for 24/7 real-time access to any specialist or clinician of your choice right in your smartphone.


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About Us

Heka is digital healthcare platform that aims at removing barriers to accessing healthcare, reducing cost, increasing access and care outcomes, maintaining 24/7 surveillance on people with chronic non-communicable diseases, saving time on travelling and long waiting hours in queues at OPDs, decongesting Secondary and Tertiary hospitals and promoting mental health and wellness using Artificial Intelligence.

Our Mission

"To remove barriers to accessing healthcare with cutting edge digital infrastructure that provides seamless, timely accessible, adequate, affordable and sustainable care for all."

Our Vision

"To become the leading digital healthcare provider across Africa and beyond."

Core Values

Heka is a client centered service that maintains confidentiality and privacy and renders quality care with Integrity.


Heka has several services and packages which can be accessed both online and offline at affordable rates

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Heka offers you the flexibility of accessing any health specialty of your choice to book for home care or virtual visit using our real-time video consultation or Real-time Remote-Patient Monitoring. You can also access online laboratory and pharmacy services and have your ePrescribed drugs delivered to you at home.

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Heka is always looking forth to your feedback, enquiries and recommendations. You can always reach out to us if you have any question or want to support or work with us or interested in investing into Heka Digital health technologies.